If you’re yearning for a currywurst and fries after midnight, it’s best not be too choosy. But to celebrate the fact that there’s a late night munchies-spot just one minute (to your left) from the hotel: Bergwolf is situated right by the Fraunhoferstrasse subway entrace on the corner of Klenzestrasse – and is nothing fancy. The good news: they’re open thru 02am. 

Fraunhoferstrasse 17


It’s tough to stay on top of a current overview lot of the more interesting museums, as their shows tend to vary. So here are some random notes instead:  The Deutsches Museum is huge and close to the hotel. BMW Welt is located right next to the Olympic Village. You’ll find a strong concentration of various museums in the Kunstarealm (verlinken:  near the University district in Maxvorstadt. MUCA (Mural), Haus der Kunst (Goldene Bar), Kunsthalle (Schumanns Tagesbar or Bar Comercial) and Lenbach Haus (Von & Zu or Ella) have good restaurants/cafes next door in case you’re hungry. Treat yourself to Balabeni ice cream just across from Museum Brandhorst after your tour. Kunsthalle is located in direct vicinity to lovely Theatinerstrasse and Fünf Höfe (verlinken: shopping mall. FC Bayern Welt is inside the team’s stadium: Allianz Arena (until Bayern open their new museum in the center of town in December 2020). Jüdisches Museum is right across from Stadtmuseum in city center. NS Dokumentationszentrum was opened in 2015 – on a sunny day, find a spot to hang out at nearby Glyptothek.

Museum Brandhorst
Theresienstrasse 35a

Lenbach Haus
Luisenstrasse 31

Haus der Kunst

Deutsches Museum
Museumsinsel 1

Kunsthalle München
Theatinerstrasse 8

otterstrasse 12

Muenchner Stadtmuseum 
Sankt-Jakobs Platz 1

Jüdisches Museum
Sankt-Jakobs Platz 16

Kunstfoyer VKB
Maximilianstrasse 53

Pinakothek der Moderne
Barerstrasse 40

Villa Stuck 
Prinzregentenstrasse 60

BMW Welt
Am Olympiapark 1

NS Dokumentationszentrum 
Max-Mannheimer Platz 1

FC Bayern Erlebniswelt
Werner Heisenberg Allee 25


… you never know what will happen when the sun comes up…

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This is so cool. These guys and gals work out outside, in the Englischer Garten or at Massman Park several times a week. No matter the weather. Regardless of rain, sun, snow or wind. There is usually an early morning class and a late afternoon class (check website for schedule and check-in!). Run by our friends Richard and Daniel, Eisbach Fit is a full-body workout and group experience. Only in Munich!
Tel: 0172-1306966 / 0174-2147089


As far as we can tell, only ladies work here. Nestled in the 70’s vibe of Amalien-Passage, Gartensalon has a distinctly alternative touch to it. We recommend this spot for sitting in the sun for breakfast and a nice variety of homemade cakes.

Türkenstrasse 90
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These guys really know their stuff when it comes to wine. And the good news is, Stefan and Markus (left to right) are way less dogmatic about their wine game than one would think. Maybe because they’re down to earth Austrians. Grapes offers vertical tasting sessions (new every month) for smaller budgets and fancy pantsy vintage wines by the glass for much bigger budgets. Food is great too…!

Ledererstrasse 8a
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Not really sure, we’ve fully grasped this one yet. But don’t worry, it’s worth the trip. Wabi Sabi Shibui is farely new and boasts quite a complicated name, which is always good if you’re ok with not being on everyones radar. Minimalistic and stripped to bare essentials, Klaus and Leonie’s beautiful place (a former bakery) doesn’t flex with a confusing menu and a gazillion gins to choose from – but offers Japanese dishes and drinks they think you should know about. Trust them and you’ll be alright. Don’t bother booking ahead, just show up. Closes at midnight and on Sundays.

Ludwigstrasse 11
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Fish restaurant in Haidhausen with great bouillabaise and fries. Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence have been know to hang out here alongside Angela Merkel during Munich’s Security Conference. We’ll take that as an additional quality stamp of approval, in this case.

Preysingstrasse 20
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If a venue doesn’t have a website that can only mean one thing: the wish to stay secretive. Trust us to spoil the fun. Bar of Bel Air features deepgrilled salads, stirred cocktails and an open air bar in a distinctively alternative setting („Container Collective“) near Ostbahnhof’s train tracks.

Atelierstrasse 10, Werksviertel
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Seehaus at Englischer Garten is presenting itself in a younger robe this summer. Guess that means you can now order long drinks alongside heaps of beer. Located on the banks of Kleinhesseloher lake, the walk through the English Garden to get to the venue is part of the fun.

Kleinhesselohe 1
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That place where all tourists go to catch some sun and people-watch. Formerly a “see-and-be-seen” institution, Tambosi is in new hands since 2018. The verdict on the updated cafe/restaurant/bar is still out. Early signs indicate more yellow Lamborghinis parked on the curbwalk. If in doubt, head for the calmer, classy alternative: Schumanns Bar, located just stone’s throw down the road.

Odeonsplatz 18, city center
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Glamorous. Retro. And pricey. Kind of like eating on a yacht. With a DJ. In Munich. Minus the seasickness. You get the picture…

Wittelsbacherplatz 2, city center
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Ok, so this one’s a classic. 43 bells and 32 life-sized figures recount the famously lavish wedding of Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V in 1568. The party lasted two entire weeks and took place on Marienplatz, above which the clock is mounted – on the city hall’s facade. The action takes place three times daily: 11 am, 12 noon & 05 pm.

Marienplatz, city center
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Hidden within an office building in Munich, a staircase seemingly leads you up… to nowhere. “Umschreibung” is in fact not a staircase at all, but an ominous sculpture by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.

Ganghofertsrasse 29
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Chichi in a good way. This concept-store-meets-florist-meets-cafe is so extensive it’s not easy to describe with just one term. Anyway, the small cafe in the shops right corner is a treat. Sois Blessed attracts fashion bloggers (win some lose some), hotshot lawyers during lunch meetings, guys shopping g for presents and wealthy mother-daughter combos, thanks to an intimate and very chic interior – as well as yummy little servings.

Prannerstrasse 10, city center
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The restaurant is right next to the Muca museum. We recommend this place for a weekend breakfast/brunch, when you can order a mean tortilla, slammin‘ pancakes or Bavarian tacos. It probably makes sense to make reservations. Or to visit the adjacent museum while you wait.

Hotterstrasse 12, city center
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Named after local architect Robert Vorhoelzer, this cafe’s name is hard to remember. And the location is well hidden. But definitely worth a visit, especially if the weather conditions are optimistic. Located on the top floor of Munich’s Technical University (TU) smack in the Museum District, Vorhoelzer attracts a young academic crowd and may just well be the second best spot in town to enjoy your well deserved sundowner, if you want a view to go with it.

Arcisstrasse 21, Maxvorstadt
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This subway station is considered one of the most beautifully designed metro stations in the world. Not sure what the fuss is all about about, actually. But feel free to look out the window should you be travelling on the U1 line. Alternatively, take a pic with your face in it, if you’re in town to accumulate more likes.

Westfriedhof (U1)
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These bronze pamphlets remember a remarkable group of Germans who fearlessly opposed the Nazis in the very center of their power. There are a number of memorials to the White Rose scattered throughout Munich, though the most powerful reminder of their deeds can be found embedded in the cobblestone pavement in front of the university building where the founding members were originally arrested.

Geschwister Scholl Platz 1, Maxvorstadt
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Oberpollinger has recently tried to rejuvenate their mildly antiquated shop in the city center by adding a younger more streetish selection in their basement. This concept is titled “The Storey” (obviously borrowed from Berlin’s Soho House shop) and offers a mix of relevant brands for males and females, footwear and apparel. One of only a few destinations worth visiting on Munich’s pedestrian shopping mile, which is actually the busiest in Germany but also tends to attract all those shops you’ll find everywhere else too.

Neuhauserstrasse 6, city center
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Nick Trachte’s gritty Boxwerk gym (Maxvorstadt) is a throbbing testament to his full-throttle passion for boxing culture. Open daily except Sundays – check online for open classes, private lessons and workouts. Not quite as deep-diving but always a good time are the circuit workout sessions by our good friends from Time To Shine. Lenz, Desi and co. will make you sweat like the C&C Music Factory (wink wink) – and make sure the hour is over before you know it. Watch out, TTS tend to switch locations every couple of months (which keeps things hype), so make sure to check their website. Good peoples! Also peep Mariposa Boxing Club by Timmy – the dude behind BRRRP! We have not been to his new gym but word on the street is: it’s all that and then some.

Schwindstraße 5, Maxvorstadt,,,
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One of our more recent discoveries. Kopper is a neat bar, especially if you feel like some quality food alongside your quality drink, preferably mixed by Manu Pinceroli himself. Virtually everything on the short menu is exquisite – but you should really try the Udon dish. Make sure you don’t walk past this place, it’s quite inconspicuous from the outside. But obviously, it’s the inside that counts.

Theresienstraße 1, Maxvorstadt,
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In April 2017 our buddies Tith & Maxi opened this beauty of a streetwear shop for kids (ca. 3 – 12 years). They carry brands such as Champion, Fred Perry, Vans, Thrasher, Converse, Stüssy, Herschell, Schott, Superga and the local favorite BRRRP! Located in Maxvorstadt, right next to the stellar menswear shop “Harvest”. Fun fact: once a year, these shops transform idyllic Zieblandstraße into a bangin’ street festival. Must go!

Zieblandstraße 2, Maivorstadt,
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The Jewish Museum Munich provides an overview of Munich’s Jewish history on 900 square meters – with a special focus on the Jewish religion, its annual festivals and rites of passage. The first and second floor feature altering exhibitions. As part of the city’s new Jewish Center, the museum is situated between the main synagogue Ohel Jakob and the Jewish Community Center which is home to a public elementary school, a kindergarten, a youth center as well as a community auditorium and a kosher restaurant.

St. Jakobs-Platz 16, Altstadt,
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Beautiful barber shop located right down the street. Need a hair cut, want a professional shave or treatments of various kinds? This top-shelf barbier should do the trick. If you are a male that is.

Fraunhoferstraße 20, Glockenbachviertel,
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Located in the University district, Kattopazzo serves Mexican food off the beaten track. Good times quite likely. Say “1860 hahaha”and point your finger at our friend Stoffel (photo) behind the bar and get a shot on the house. Or a real Bavarian ass-whooping, depending on his mood. Signature dishes: Gaucho Bowl (steak) or Green Hornet Bowl (veggie). Fun fact: Katto = bottom in Greek. Pazzo = crazy in Italian. Also, a totem pole is part of the mix. Whoa, that was fun, wasn’t it?

Amalienstraße 87, Maxvorstadt,
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If you you’re into chocolates, cakes, sweets and candy of every kind, this is the place for your daily dose of sugar. In case you forgot your toothbrush, feel free to ask our front desk for help …

Jahnstraße 30, Glockenbachviertel,
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This men’s shop is located right across the Flushing Meadows Hotel. Fine selection of classy men’s brands that can’t be found everywhere.

Fraunhoferstraße 29, Glockenbachviertel
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Typically, Munich is infatuated with Italy. And everything which is Italian. That’s why Monaco di Baveria is often referred to as Italy’s northernmost city. Eataly is the lively testament to this fact. Located just south of the Viktualienmarkt, this gigantic food-court in the Schrannenhalle has you covered. From coffee and aperitivos, to delicatessen, snacks and even Bianchi racing bikes.

Blumenstraße 4, Glockenbachviertel
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It’s all in the name. Burgers & beer. These hand sized burgers are pretty close to ideal. Not too big, not too drippy, not too tofu. And then there’s always: beer. B&B is nothing fancy, but sometimes that’s the beauty.

Klenzestraße 40, Glockenbachviertel,
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Danish design, furniture and gimmicks. You know what they say about the Danes. Maybe a good spot to find a little present to bring back home.

Reichenbachstraße 20, Glockenbachviertel
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If you´re up for a round of tennis without the usual partner-search or nerve racking club-logistics, just sign in spontaneously – and play with the „White Club“ guys. This local movement of freewheelin’ tennis lovers includes over 1600 players & playerettes in Munich. Feel free to join their weekly social tennis events on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Good times only! Especially when they play on their own off-courts or host a little street tournament somewhere (anywhere) in the city…


If you’re looking for cool spot near Stachus for a snack, lunch, or coffee – look no further. Marc and Hubi run this place and they’re better connected than Telekom, so you might run into some interesting guests. They play tunes after 9pm on weekends too!

Sonnenstraße 17, Altstadt,
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French restaurant by star cook Tim Raue (have you seen his episode of Chef’s Table?). Not the cheapest place we’ve ever been to – but offers very agreeable vibe alongside an elevated brasserie menu. Fun fact: Colette was conceived as part of the retirement home – and cooks meals for the seniors who have settled into the same building.

Klenzestraße 72, Glockenbachviertel,
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Independent coffee roaster, located right around the corner. These guys are coffee nerds in the best sense of the term. Supplied by some of the most prolific green (raw) coffee importers and farms around the world, Man vs. Machine focuses solely on specialty grade Arabica coffee (above 85 pts.). From heyish to sweet to fruity to chocolaty. From undrinkable to highly desirable. If you agree that coffee is a science and passion, look out for the alligator logo, when turning left onto Müllerstrasse.

Müllerstraße 23, Glockenbachviertel,
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Waldfeste are summer festivities in the Bavarian woods, often located lake-side, like at the beautiful Tegernsee, for example. For Munich’s ”Schickeria”, these beer fests are ideal opportunities for showing off new sports cars. For tourists, these occasions are a great chance for witnessing a picture perfect example of Bavaria’s idyll.
You can check the following website for dates:

And visit the Fischerei Tegernsee for a taste of the local fish, if you’re in the area!

Seestraße 42, Tegernsee,

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Munich came into its own in 1972. The Summer Olympics opened the Bavarian capital to the world and presented a colorful view of Germany to an international audience. Visit the Olympic Village for a time-travelling experience back to seventies architecture – and witness typo­grapher Otl Aicher’s iconic public signage and pictograms. And while you’re there, take the elevator up the Olympic Tower (Olympiaturm) for a stunning view of the entire city.

, Olympiadorf, Wikipedia
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If you have more time, there is quite simply no way around visiting a couple of the many lakes located a mere 30-minute drive from Munich’s city center. The “5-Seen Land” for example, includes Starnberger See, Ammersee, Wesslinger See, Pilsensee and Wörthsee, all of which are ideal for swimming, windsurfing, stand-up-paddling, walking around or just hanging out. Especially because you’ll be surprised at how quaint things get just outside of the city limits.


Join the local old-schoolers at Hofgarten behind Schumann’s for a relaxed (or hotly debated) game of boule …

Hofgarten, Altstadt
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So many beer gardens – so little time. Chinesischer Turm in Englischer Garten is the most famous one. Waldwirtschaft south of the Hellabrunn Zoo may be the most hyped one. But our favorite Biergarten is also the most typical one: Augustiner Keller near Hautbahnhof is the real deal. Gigantic chestnut trees, Riesenbrezn, Augustiner beer, Steckerlfisch, halbes Hendl & Kartoffelsalat … the epitome of heaven, if you dig original Bavarian food and culture.

Englischer Garten 3, Schwabing,
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Georg-Kalb-Straße 3, Großhesselohe,
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Arnulfstraße 52, Schwanthalerhöhe,
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The Guide Michelin recently salivated all over kitchen chef Tohru Nakamura and his mix of Japanese tradition and European avantgarde, awarding the Werneckhof with one star and 17 of 20 possible points. Their 9-course menu “Omni” and a mind-boggling selection of around 350 wines are really something to write home about.

Werneckstraße 11, Schwabing,
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This place has been around since 1872 – and has seen their fair share of game-changers come and go. From artists such as Berthold Brecht and Wassily Kandinsky to villains such as Lenin and Adolf Hitler. Schelling-Salon’s moody staff serves simple Bavarian dishes for students, locals and tourists. The good news: they also have a bunch of pool / billard tables! The bad news: you never know, if this place going to be opened or closed.

Schellingstraße 54, Maxvorstadt,
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Munich’s industrial market in Sendling is home to many down-to-earth and hidden restaurants including fish, Greek and Italian spots. Our favorite is probably Friulana, which serves rustic Italian dishes, no frills attached.
For a taste of Munich’s premier Weißwurst breakfast, visit Gaststätte Großmarkthalle.  But remember, tradition dictates that one must finish this specific meal before 12 pm!

Kochelseestraße 13, Ludwigsvorstadt, gaststä
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Zenettistraße 43, Ludwigsvorstadt,
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Legendary since the seventies for their superb cuisine, supreme service and high-brow architecture. Very expensive – and very good – multiple course meals known to stretch for hours. Tantris boasts 2 Michelin stars, just like the Restaurant Dallmayr in Munich’s city center.

Johann-Fichte-Straße 7, Schwabing,
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Dienerstraße 14-15, Altstadt,
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If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider an alternative. But if you’re looking for a top notch steak and a chilled upscale atmosphere, The Grill is just the place. Zum Goldenen Kalb adjacent to Viktualienmarkt is a good alternative, if you’re looking for something closer.

Lenbachplatz 8, Altstadt,
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Utzschneiderstraße 1, Altstadt,
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If Magnum lived in Munich, this would be his spot. Tikki-chic, tasty Polynesian cuisine, gold-diggers in skimpy skirts and elaborate cocktails garnished with at least two umbrellas. Located in Hotel Bayrischer Hof.

Promenadeplatz 2–6, Altstadt,
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We have a very special relationship to this place, which serves upscale international cuisine along with a unique vibe. Probably because this is where our gastronomical adventures started back in the day. Many moons ago, we worked the bar at Buffet Kull – and things kind of took their course from there. Owners Rudi Kull and Albert Weinzierl remain dear friends to this day. Make sure to look up some of their other establishments too, including Riva Pizzeria, Bar Centrale, Brenner Grill and Emiko …

Marienstraße 4, Altstadt,
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Apparently H’ugo’s Pizzeria is a must, if you want to witness what people mean, when they talk about Munich’s “Schickeria”. Frequented by many of FC Bayern’s football stars and lots of women in high-heels …

Promenadeplatz 1–3, Altstadt,
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Our #1 suggestion if you’re looking for “unconventional Bavarian”. Fraunhofer has been around in one form or another since 1774. Refreshingly alternative, this place is more of a quaint tavern than a posh tourist trap. It’s quite possible that the very best (caramelized) Kaiserschmarrn in town is actually available right here. Fun fact: Hit Fraunhofer on Sundays after 11am for “Frühschoppen” (early drinks) when the o.g. “Krinoliner” brass band will toot your horn with badass Bavarian tunes. Prost!

Fraunhoferstraße 9, Glockenbach,
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Ballabeni in the museum-district is a phenomenon. At Munich’s most notable ice cream parlor, people will gladly stand in line for the duration of an average TV sitcom, just to get their tongues on one of Ballabeni’s many innovative flavors. We suggest you take a number and get in line to find out what all the fuss is about. Or head deeper into Schwabing, where Bartu serves Munich’s only 100 % organic ice-cream. If all this organic stuff is way too fancy for you, visit Al Teatro (in walking distance from the hotel) for a good old fashioned goblet of spaghetti ice cream …

Ballabeni, Theresienstraße 48, Maxvorstadt,
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Bartu, Wilhelmstraße 23, Schwabing,
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Al Teatro, Glockenbach, Reichenbachstraße 11
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Located on the terrace of the famous Haus der Kunstmuseum, overlooking the English Garden’s southern border, Goldene Bar is as iconic as it gets. That also goes for the fine drinks mixed by our colleague Klaus St. Rainer, who has become somewhat of a celebrity himself, due to the quality of his craft. Supreme place –despite the building’s Nazi history, which was put in context by the Haus der Kunst’s former director Christoph Vitaly, who was quoted with the following assessment: “Walls can’t be blamed.“

Prinzregentenstraße 1, Lehel,
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Located on the hotel’s 4th floor, Flushing Meadows Bar is a creative meeting point for guests and locals alike. Enjoy a stunning terrace-view, classic bar tunes and selected cocktail variations served by bartender Robin Bruderhofer and his crew. Cheers!

Fraunhoferstraße 32, Glockenbach,


For superb Vietnamese food at fair prices, we suggest Charlie in Munich’s blue-collar district Untergiesing, just right across the Isar river. Or Koriander in Schwabing for a quick snack – as well as their second establishment Koriander Too, which is probably better suited for a sit-down dinner. If you’re at Charlie on a Saturday, make sure to visit their downstairs club too, as they only open once a week!

Schyrenstraße 8, Au
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Einsteinstraße 113, Haidhausen
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You’ll have read all about Munich’s vast array of top-notch museums in your other guides. So we’ll just tell you this: make sure not to miss the monstrous yearly student exhibition aptly named “Jahresausstellung” at historic Kunst Akademie, which is open to all for two weeks every year in July. Also, you should know that The Flushing Meadows Hotel is located just minutes from the world-famous (and monstrously gigantic) Deutsches Museum.

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Obacht! Study our short alphabetical index of local vocabulary to facilitate your stay …

Pardon my Bavarian


International DJs visiting Munich swear this place serves the best Wiener Schnitzel north of Vienna. Other than that, Königsquelle offers a beautiful classic interior and a cozy outside terrace – as well as a handwritten menu that happens to be quite hard to read. Another reason why we tend to stick to the Schnitzel.

Baaderplatz 2, Glockenbach,
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Classy place for top-notch cocktails and an exquisite selection of late-night foods, hidden in a small alley right in Munich’s bustling city center.

Hartmannstraße 8, Altstadt,
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Munich is full of Italian restaurants. This one is especially good. Officially called “Bar Dell’ Osteria”, we know this spot only as “Jimmy’s”, after the place’s one-of-a-kind owner. We regularly take out-of-town DJ’s here for a late supper on weekends, before they go on to play their gigs at Bob Beaman. Make sure to get an outside table. if the weather permits. For more superb Italian cuisine and classy service, visit Osteria next door to Jimmy’s. If you see a yellow Lamborghini parked outside in a stopping restriction, FC Bayern star Franck Ribéry is sure to be sitting inside having dinner with his crew.

Schellingstraße 60, Maxvorstadt,
Schellingstraße 62, Maxvorstadt,
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This is what happens, when a Vietnamese lady and a Bavarian dude get together and start a restaurant. Luu and Nico serve Asian-Bavarian delicatessen, like Dim Sun feat. Schweinebraten for example. Fei Scho (which means something along the lines of “better believe it” or “that’s right”) is an unpretentious place with “down-to-earth” seating arrangements and a charming staff.

Kolosseumstraße 6, Glockenbach,
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This friendly hub in Schwabing offers a variety of artistic workshops and walk-in projects for kids of various ages!

Siegesstraße 23, Schwabing,
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We recommend Optimal and Public Possession, both located in close proximity to The Flushing Meadows Hotel. Optimal is a little bigger and has been around for ages. Public Possession, which is run by local DJs Marvin & Valentino, is right next to Robinson’s SHRN skate shop.

Kolosseumstraße 6, Glockenbach,
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Klenzestraße 16, Glockenbach,
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You have not really witnessed the Glockenbach district, if you haven’t paid Aroma Cafe a visit. This place is probably the quarter’s ultimate meeting point, especially for breakfast – as Aroma serves superb coffee and homemade bread. Delicious, friendly and iconic.

Pestalozzistraße 24, Glockenbach,
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Talk football with baristas Lucca and Giovanni over coffee in the morning. Or enjoy lunch out back on Schumann’s lovely Hofgarten terrace. Or catch late night drinks and dinner, if you can get a table. In any case, Schumann’s is a Munich classic – just like the bar’s owner Charles, who has been known to personally serve selected guests with a piece of his mind.

Odeonsplatz 6 / 7, Altstadt,
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The Jivamukti Clan has an internationally renowned yoga center right around the corner. Check their time-table for a bunch of classes including “basic”, “open”, “spiritual warrior”, “music / rhythm” and even “kids” as well as regular sessions with high-profile teachers from out of town.

Buttermelcherstraße 15, Glockenbach,
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Yoga am Engel (new!):
Prinzregentenstrasse 78a,
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OK, so this is kind of spooky. But also quite interesting. The King of Pop was a frequent visitor to Munich and used to stay at the Hotel Bayrischer Hof, in front of which Jacko’s passionate fans have adorned an unofficial memorial with flowers, poems and all types of memorabilia. This makeshift place of pilgrimage has been a controversial topic in Munich for a while, maybe because it was actually meant to honor Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso.

Promenadeplatz, Altstadt
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Love it or hate it. The Oktoberfest is what it is, either way. Every beer tent comes with a cliché, some of which are true: Schottenhammel (young), Käfer (V.I.P.), Hacker-Pschorr & Löwenbräu (traditional), Fischer Vroni (gay), Weinzelt (antiquated), Augustiner (#1 beer) … Our preferred watering hole is the Schützenzelt. More specifically, its balcony, where the sun sets with a splendid view of Munich’s landmark, the Bavaria. Käfer is right across, which is practical, as that’s the only spot which stays open after 11pm (thru 1am). If you’re visiting with children, the Oide Wiesn is the place to be, as it’s a little bit calmer. By the way, locals call the Oktoberfest “Wiesn” (which is short for “Theresien­wiese” – and Bavarian for “lawn”) because King Ludwig first hosted royal horse races in honor of Princess Therese on this turf back in 1810. Yearly beer festivities have an even longer tradition in Bavaria, because it was customary to drink up the stocked amber nectar before the start of a new brewing season.

Theresienwiese, Westend,
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Join the locals for an after-work pick-up game in the Englischer Garten’s holy (but tricky) lawn. This may just be the city’s most democratic get-together, featuring students, tourists, blue-collar workers, hipsters and hedonists from all walks of life. Enter the Englischer Garten at Thieme­straße and Königinstraße, then head ahead slightly to your left.

Englischer Garten, Schwabing
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Sounds like Naples, but smells like teen spirit. Hey Luigi is the very definition of a lively neighborhood hangout. This place is always shaking, thanks to their real-deal dishes, casual atmosphere and charismatic barkeepers.

Holzstraße 29, Glockenbach,
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This unrefined joint is really only a small kiosk, but definitely worth checking out for healthy dose of Paella, fried fish and a legendary salad. You can sit or stand outside and take in the upscale market-vibe at famous Wiener Platz.

Wiener Platz, Haidhausen
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Former pro skater Robinson Kuhlmann’s homely bar is right around the corner. His laid-back attitude rubs off on the bar’s guests – as well as on the amount of alcohol served in the drinks. Ohhh baby we like it raw … .

Corneliusstraße 14, Glockenbach,
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If you’re here in spring, there is no way around a visit to the yearly flea market on the Oktoberfest grounds named Theresienwiese. Everyone else will be there too …

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Great place for fish just 200 meters from Flushing Meadows Hotel. Pick the fish of your choice from the display-cabinet or go with the daily menu. Probably not the cheapest place of all – but the again: quality has its price.

Fraunhoferstraße 13, Glockenbach,
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Tiny, tight and traditionally tacky. The crowd is on the young side. We prefer L&S late at night – or early in the morning, depending on how you look at it, when many of the city’s night-owls conjure for what we generally like to call: one final Absucker. Or two …

Maximiliansplatz 18, Altstadt,
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Berni and his staff serve legendary Belgian french fries along with your choice of 20 (!) different sauces and a divine Currywurst (organic, of course), that would impress even the most critical of Berliners.

Amalienstraße 46, Maxvorstadt,
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Laura’s women’s shop right around the corner from the fab Brandhorst Museum serves a hand-picked selection of brands including A.P.C., Band of Outsiders, Brosbi, Han Kopenhagen, Martin Margiela, Nike, Weiz & Diaz etc.

Theresienstraße 25, Maxvorstadt,
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It’s basically impossible to get football tickets for the Allianz Arena without the right connections or a lot of good fortune. But you can watch the record champions practice up close and personal at Säbenerstraße during the season. It’s a media-circus and all, but you haven’t been to Munich, if you haven’t seen them getting ready for yet another title.

Säbenerstraße 57, Harlaching,
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“Spezl” is Bavarian for “buddy” (not be confused with “Spaz’l, which is what you would call your darling). While “Wirtschaft” is the most old-school of local terms for “restaurant”. And that’s fitting, as this place is ideal for having a Bavarian dish and lots of beer with your buddies. After dinner, check out club “Crux”, located just beneath the restaurant – especially if you’re into Hip Hop.

Ledererstraße 3, Altstadt,
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Sandra Schwittau and Christopher Romberg run this beautiful fashion shop for men and women in the heart of Munich. Their high-brow selection of international brands includes Ayzit Bostan, Grenson, Dries van Noten, Wood Wood, Maison Martin Margiela, Humanoid, etc. We are currently working a Schwittenberg x Flushing Meadows Hotel pyjama (!) collaboration, so make sure to look out for that.

Salvatorplatz 4, Altstadt,
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By far our favorite spot for pick-up basketball is the tiny court in front of legendary Pinakotheken, on the corner of Barerstraße and Theresienstraße, where games of “3on3” tend to get rowdy at times. Games go till 11 and there’s count double. Make sure to bring your A-game! If you feel like visiting a professional game, the Audi Dome is your best – and only – bet. FC Bayern’s first league basketball team not quite as dominant as the fellow football department – but that’s it’s only a matter of time.

3on3, Maxvorstadt
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Audi Dome, Grasweg 74, Sendling,
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There are about gazillion opportunities for hiking in Munich’s close vicinity. Here’s one: head for the Herzogstand at the beautiful Walchensee, which locals refer to as a “Hausberg”, because it’s so close to home you can easily make it to and fro in half a day. You’ll need a good hour to get there by car, and another 1,5 hours to climb the mountain’s better half, after a which a rewarding ”Brotzeit” awaits you in the “Hütt’n”. You can take the “Seilbahn” on the way down, if the hike has drained your resources. When you get back down to the lake, try a cute little place called Cafe am See for grandmother-style cakes and a fantastic view of the Walchensee. Ask them for a taste of the local “Urfelder” Kräuterlikör, if you don’t mind getting a little tipsy.

Am Tanneneck 6, Walchensee,
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Chapeau, Yasar & Co! A Kind of Guise, who also created our bar staff’s denim jackets, is a sophisticated men’s and women’s brand from Munich, who are currently making waves all over the world. Check out the AKOG “flagship store” in Maxvorstadt. Greetings from Bavaria!

Adalbertstraße 41B, Maxvorstadt,
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Experience student-life in Munich! Eat large, delicious and generously-priced stone-oven pizzas, while watching Bundesliga & Champions League football live games on Lo Studente’s giant screen. Right next door to James T. Hunt Bar.

Schellingstraße 30, Maxvorstadt
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We recommend Falkenberg in Schwabing or Manufactum in the city’s center. Falkenberg is more intimate and probably a little more cutting edge, whereas Manufactum is huge and loaded with product, including even bread – and lots of other stuff you may not really have been looking for.

Franz-Joseph-Straße 21, Schwabing,
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Dienerstraße 12, Altstadt,
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The Flushing Meadows Hotel & Bar is located in Munich‘s vibrant Glockenbach district, which roughly translates to „bell‘s creek“, after the small creek that ran thru the neighborhood. As you can image the „bell“ part alludes to a former bells manufacturer, who used to be located just by the creek outside of Munich‘s city walls near Sendlinger Tor over 500 years ago. The Glockenbach area has undergone various developments since: from exile-site for plague patients … to industrial quarter … to red-light district … to skid row … to gay hot-spot. These days, the Glockenbach quarter is known to be especially „happening“, thanks to a large variety of boutiques and bars as well as the quarter‘s easy-going vibe. But we‘ll let you be the judge of that.


James T. Hunt bar is located in Munich’s up-and-coming university district, Maxvorstadt. The spot is our very own interpretation of a classic American cocktail bar. We serve quality liquor and wood-oven pizza – and keep a fine selection of vinyls just in case our guests feel like playing some records. The place gets pretty packed after 10 pm. Grabbing a sun-­downer or aperitif on the bar’s trottoir in the early evening is also a great idea.

Schellingstraße 32, Maxvorstadt,
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Munich’s traditional market is a must for many reasons – most notably a Weißwurst breakfast featuring sweet mustard, a hot Brezn and cold glass of Weißbier. The Vikzualienmarkt is one of the few places left, where you could witness the local grumpiness, which Bavarians are so well known for. Or used to be. Other Viktualienmarkt options include fish at Poseidon and a visit to the notorious Schmalznudel, which is an early-morning refuge for clubbers, who have the munchies.

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The famous Isar-Trail offers quality mountain-biking in the city and starts just south of the Glockenbach district, near Hellabrunn Zoo on the Isar river’s East banks. If you like it more casual make your way along the river into the Englischer Garten, where the northern part has some especially scenic routes in store. Have you seen our Di Blasi bikes? Yeah ok, so they look a little weird. But these bikes (originally constructed to fit on the back of yachts for easy get-around the harbour) are so practical to navigate urban spaces that you’ll want to adopt them. Ask our front desk for free rentals pending availability.

Follow the bike trail (southern direction) next to the Isar river at Hellabrunn Zoo, Tierparkstraße 30.


Ludwig Beck on Marienplatz is Munich’s most famous department store. Close by, Gross sells a great selection of authentic men’s brands. Visit the new Red Wings shop on Fraunhoferstraße for vintage footwear. Or shop charming kids wear at Cosy Rebels. Browse Soda for an eclectic variety of coffee-table books and international magazines. Witness the Globetrotter store at Isartor for a stunning range of outdoorsy stuff. Stop at POOL for selected mens and womens fashion. Stroll 5-Höfe. Or head towards Theresa for more up-scale shopping. And make sure to scan Dallmayr for assorted delicatessen.

Marienplatz 11, Altstadt,
Ledererstraße 2, Altstadt,
Fraunhoferstraße 8, Glockenbach,
Holzstraße 24, Glockenbach,
Rumfordstraße 3, Glockenbach,
Isartorplatz 8-10, Altstadt,
Theatinerstraße 15, Altstadt,
Maffeistraße 3, Altstadt,
Dienerstraße 14-15, Altstadt,


If you’re staying at the Flushing Meadows Hotel and feel like a late-late-night snack, beer or smoke, consider yourself lucky! As the Reichenbach Kiosk is just a stone’s throw away. This 24-hour kiosk is your only shot at a quick fix, if you happen to have after-hour cravings.

Fraunhoferstraße 46, Glockenbach,
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In Munich, the Eisbach and it’s river surfers are about as iconic as a cold glass of Weißbier under an old chestnut tree. But surfing this urban landmark is tricky, if you haven’t done it before. International pros regularly catch the shorter end of the stick when competing with the Eisbach’s locals, who are sometimes known to rudely defend their wave, if the spot gets too crowded. Quirin Rohleder, who partnered with us in creating one of the hotel’s rooms on the third floor, is the Eisbach’s inofficial kingpin. Make sure to watch the documentary “Keep Surfing” in which Quirin plays a leading part to learn more about Munich’s obsession with the notorious Eisbach wave, which (as you can imagine) was named after the river’s freezing cold temperature. And yes, they surf all-year round.

Prinzregentenstraße just east of Haus der Kunst, Keep Surfing Video
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Loads of options here. Müller’sches Volksbad, just across from Deutsches Museum, is widely regarded as Munich’s most beautiful and historic pool. Spacious Schyrenbad is just a short walk from the hotel and offers outdoor swimming between May and September. Dante Bad was an Olympic training pool in 1972 – we love to hang out on its stone steps above the 50 meter pool. Prinzregentenbad is another, smaller outdoor option, which doubles as an ice skating rink in winter. Beware, city pools can get really crowded on sunny weekends. That’s why we suggest the wild Isar river banks just minutes from the hotel. Sure, the water is freezing cold, but isn’t that ideal when the thermometer hits 25+ degrees?


Munich is famous for letting it all hang out. Two prominent nudist spots are the Flaucher in Sendling – also a premier spot for river-side pick-nicking and BBQ – as well as a place colloquially referred to as “Eierwiese” (Lawn o’Balls) adjacent to the Eisbach in the Englische Garten. The grass on the other side of the Eisbach is greener, if you prefer to leave your trunks on – and the perfect spot to sunbathe and enjoy the Eisbach. Enter the Englischer Garten near the university, at Veterinärstraße and Königinstraße.

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Munich’s street wear scene is surprisingly happening. Visit KICKZ Monaco, who invented the sneaker game in Germany. Their shopkeeper Sven is probably the most knowledgeable specimen of all times. Or drop by at the mighty BSTN Shop, where Fu & Duki will deck you out with “real recognize real” goods.

Feilitzschstraße 1, Schwabing,
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Amalienstraße 44, Maxvorstadt,
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Sascha Arnold & Steffen Werner


Arnold / Werner stands for a holistic view of architecture and interior design that is always thought through down to the last detail without losing sight of the big picture. Arnold / Werner strives for harmony, combines function with design and interprets context, environment and individual preferences anew each time. The work process includes the development and exact detailing of the projects – from the building envelope to the interiors. The focus is on the economical use of resources, the use of domestic materials and energy- and cost-efficient solutions.

Aylin Langreuter & Christophe de la Fontaine

Designers (Dante Goods and Bads)

“In our Flushing Meadows Hotel room (which we call ‚Fumoir’), Dante Goods and Bads presents its Admit One Gentleman Collection, our homage to the myth and legend of “the gentleman”. His impeccable manners, his timeless elegance but also the decadence of his vices: all will be reflected by the nature of the objects, their material and manufacturing. Shining copper, smoked glass, sturdy leather – a material longing for a long-lost era.”

Oscar Wilde: “Do you mind if I smoke?”
Sarah Bernhardt: “I don‘t care if you burn.”

“The artist’s view does not have to make sense. At least not the sort of sense that can be easily expressed in words. There is no underlying conception or thematic arrangement. But to me, the selection is utterly plausible.”

Konrad Dengler


“If you’re wondering about the photographs in my room … I took them in Munich’s Olympic Village (where I grew up) a while back. These bungalows were personalized and painted by the students, who lived in them. Before they were torn down and refurbished, I documented them all, hundreds of them. Just because. The room features some of my favorites.”

Marc Streitenfeld


Helmut Geier

DJ HELL (Gigolo Rec.)

“I am quite proud of the ‘Hell’s Angels’. The installation consists of three life-size medical skeletons, which I painted and formed into a band that is jamming on a small balcony over the room’s bed. There is also a stroboscope, which can be turned on or off, depending on your mood.”

For the project I thought about every hotel room I had ever spent a night, half a night, or even whole days in. From the god-forsaken, best-western style gaff in Paris that had fag ends behind the bed, to the Soho Grand NYC, where pretty memorable post-gig parties were had. Generally, from the moment you walk through a hotel door, you are faced with a generic, universal model, bed, bed-side lamp, TV … This is followed by a slight feeling of alienation as you are not at home, or usually really tired from work or play.

Cathal McAteer

Founder / Creative Director (Folk)

For Flushing Meadows I wanted to use different textures and colours to create a sense of the room being personally crafted, to make it feel less ‘hotelly’. All the other little details, such as the lights, their shape, the side-table carved out of different types of marble, the bed made from Bavarian wood, will hopefully be additional delights. I hope the guests ‘schlafen gut’. Especially under that Folk quilt. Consider it a dream catcher.”

“The artist’s view does not have to make sense. At least not the sort of sense that can be easily expressed in words. There is no underlying conception or thematic arrangement. But to me, the selection is utterly plausible.”

Albert Oehlen

Artist, Gais/Switzerland

Quirin Rohleder

Eisbach Surfer, Munich

“Now that’s what I call an illustrious circle – thanks for having me!
In my opinion, the Eisbach has become a bona fide tourist attraction in Munich. Which is why I wanted my room to pay tribute to our unique city-surfing culture. I hope you enjoy the hammock – and have a great stay in Munich!

Michi Beck

Musician, Stuttgart/Berlin

“The next best thing to actually being in Tokyo, is staying in my Japanese studio at The Flushing Meadows!”

Charles Schumann

Bartender, Munich

Süddeutsche Zeitung about Birgit Minichmayr:
Minutes before the shoot Birgit Minichmayr went overboard. While entering the cafeteria of Wiener Burgtheater and sipping on the sparkling wine she brought along, the waiter let her know that she’s not allowed to bring her own drinks. Minichmayr yelled: “Up yours!” Downs her glass in one sip, walks up to the waiter and hugs him like a close friend. Artists! According to Klaus Maria Brandauer “the most outstanding of her generation”.

SZ Magazin, Issue 22/2009

Birgit Minichmayr

Actress, Vienna

Norbert Wangen

Designer, Vienna

“T h i s r o o m i s f o r e v e r y o n e , w h o l i k e s i n t i m a t e h o t e l s – for guests that just want to feel at home.”