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These guys really know their stuff when it comes to wine. And the good news is, Stefan and Markus (left to right) are way less dogmatic about their wine game than one would think. Maybe because they’re down to earth Austrians. Grapes offers vertical tasting sessions (new every month) for smaller budgets and fancy pantsy vintage wines by the glass for much bigger budgets. Food is great too…!

Ledererstrasse 8a
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Not really sure, we’ve fully grasped this one yet. But don’t worry, it’s worth the trip. Wabi Sabi Shibui is farely new and boasts quite a complicated name, which is always good if you’re ok with not being on everyones radar. Minimalistic and stripped to bare essentials, Klaus and Leonie’s beautiful place (a former bakery) doesn’t flex with a confusing menu and a gazillion gins to choose from – but offers Japanese dishes and drinks they think you should know about. Trust them and you’ll be alright. Don’t bother booking ahead, just show up. Closes at midnight and on Sundays.

Ludwigstrasse 11
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Fish restaurant in Haidhausen with great bouillabaise and fries. Ivanka Trump and Mike Pence have been know to hang out here alongside Angela Merkel during Munich’s Security Conference. We’ll take that as an additional quality stamp of approval, in this case.

Preysingstrasse 20
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If a venue doesn’t have a website that can only mean one thing: the wish to stay secretive. Trust us to spoil the fun. Bar of Bel Air features deepgrilled salads, stirred cocktails and an open air bar in a distinctively alternative setting (“Container Collective”) near Ostbahnhof’s train tracks.

Atelierstrasse 10, Werksviertel
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Seehaus at Englischer Garten is presenting itself in a younger robe this summer. Guess that means you can now order long drinks alongside heaps of beer. Located on the banks of Kleinhesseloher lake, the walk through the English Garden to get to the venue is part of the fun.

Kleinhesselohe 1
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That place where all tourists go to catch some sun and people-watch. Formerly a “see-and-be-seen” institution, Tambosi is in new hands since 2018. The verdict on the updated cafe/restaurant/bar is still out. Early signs indicate more yellow Lamborghinis parked on the curbwalk. If in doubt, head for the calmer, classy alternative: Schumanns Bar, located just stone’s throw down the road.

Odeonsplatz 18, city center
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Glamorous. Retro. And pricey. Kind of like eating on a yacht. With a DJ. In Munich. Minus the seasickness. You get the picture…

Wittelsbacherplatz 2, city center
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The restaurant is right next to the Muca museum. We recommend this place for a weekend breakfast/brunch, when you can order a mean tortilla, slammin’ pancakes or Bavarian tacos. It probably makes sense to make reservations. Or to visit the adjacent museum while you wait.

Hotterstrasse 12, city center
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It’s all in the name. Burgers & beer. These hand sized burgers are pretty close to ideal. Not too big, not too drippy, not too tofu. And then there’s always: beer. B&B is nothing fancy, but sometimes that’s the beauty.

Klenzestraße 40, Glockenbachviertel,
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One of our more recent discoveries. Kopper is a neat bar, especially if you feel like some quality food alongside your quality drink, preferably mixed by Manu Pinceroli himself. Virtually everything on the short menu is exquisite – but you should really try the Udon dish. Make sure you don’t walk past this place, it’s quite inconspicuous from the outside. But obviously, it’s the inside that counts.

Theresienstraße 1, Maxvorstadt,
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