It’s all in the name. Burgers & beer. These hand sized burgers are pretty close to ideal. Not too big, not too drippy, not too tofu. And then there’s always: beer. B&B is nothing fancy, but sometimes that’s the beauty.

Klenzestraße 40, Glockenbachviertel, burger-n-beer.de
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One of our more recent discoveries. Kopper is a neat bar, especially if you feel like some quality food alongside your quality drink. Virtually everything on the short menu is exquisite – but you should really try the Udon dish. Make sure you don’t walk past this place, it’s very inconspicuous from the outside. But obviously, it’s the inside that counts.

Theresienstraße 1, Maxvorstadt, kopper-bar.de
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Great place for fish just 200 meters from Flushing Meadows Hotel. Pick the fish of your choice from the display-cabinet or go with the daily menu. Probably not the cheapest place of all – but the again: quality has its price.

Fraunhoferstraße 13, Glockenbach, pescheria.de
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French restaurant by star cook Tim Raue (have you seen his episode of Chef’s Table?). Not the cheapest place we’ve ever been to – but offers very agreeable vibe alongside an elevated brasserie menu. Fun fact: Colette was conceived as part of the retirement home – and cooks meals for the seniors who have settled into the same building.

Klenzestraße 72, Glockenbachviertel, brasseriecolette.de
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Sounds like Naples, but smells like teen spirit. Hey Luigi is the very definition of a lively neighborhood hangout. This place is always shaking, thanks to their real-deal dishes, casual atmosphere and charismatic barkeepers.

Holzstraße 29, Glockenbach, heyluigi.de
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Our #1 suggestion if you’re looking for “unconventional Bavarian”. Fraunhofer has been around in one form or another since 1774. Refreshingly alternative, this place is more of a quaint tavern than a posh tourist trap. It’s quite possible that the very best (caramelized) Kaiserschmarrn in town is actually available right here. Fun fact: Hit Fraunhofer on Sundays after 11am for “Frühschoppen” (early drinks) when the o.g. “Krinoliner” brass band will toot your horn with badass Bavarian tunes. Prost!

Fraunhoferstraße 9, Glockenbach, fraunhofertheater.de
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For superb Vietnamese food at fair prices, we suggest Charlie in Munich’s blue-collar district Untergiesing, just right across the Isar river. Or Koriander in Schwabing for a quick snack – as well as their second establishment Koriander Too, which is probably better suited for a sit-down dinner. If you’re at Charlie on a Saturday, make sure to visit their downstairs club too, as they only open once a week!

Schyrenstraße 8, Au, charl.ie
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Einsteinstraße 113, Haidhausen, korianderplus.de
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This is what happens, when a Vietnamese lady and a Bavarian dude get together and start a restaurant. Luu and Nico serve Asian-Bavarian delicatessen, like Dim Sun feat. Schweinebraten for example. Fei Scho (which means something along the lines of “better believe it” or “that’s right”) is an unpretentious place with “down-to-earth” seating arrangements and a charming staff.

Kolosseumstraße 6, Glockenbach, feischo.com
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International DJs visiting Munich swear this place serves the best Wiener Schnitzel north of Vienna. Other than that, Königsquelle offers a beautiful classic interior and a cozy outside terrace – as well as a handwritten menu that happens to be quite hard to read. Another reason why we tend to stick to the Schnitzel.

Baaderplatz 2, Glockenbach, koenigsquelle.com
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Fraunhoferstraße 32
80469 Munich, Germany
Tel +49(0)89 552 791 70
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