Our „organic liquids“ spot on the hotel’s ground floor quickly became the talk of the town thanks to a variety of sublime green smoothies, cold-pressed juices and refreshing bowls. Remember: a green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. Your body (and taste-buds) will super-thank you…

Fraunhoferstraße 32, Glockenbachviertel,



Stereo Cafe on famous Residenzstraße is part of the family. Located between the opera, Odeonsplatz and the city‘s most brow-raising shopping streets, Stereo Cafe is the perfect place to catch a breather, while overlooking Residenzstraße via the grand studio-window. Or head out back thru the open kitchen onto our sunny first floor terrace. We serve daily lunch specials, coffee & homemade cakes as well a wide selection of aperitifs and liquors. Also, make sure to check out the fine selection of gentswear (including apparel, footwear, accessories and grooming products) on the location‘s ground-floor shop, Stereo Muc. On your way out, make sure you steer left and across the street to pet the two bronze lion statues on their nose – for good luck!

Residenzstraße 25, Altstadt,
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Independent coffee roaster, located right around the corner. These guys are coffee nerds in the best sense of the term. Supplied by some of the most prolific green (raw) coffee importers and farms around the world, Man vs. Machine focuses solely on specialty grade Arabica coffee (above 85 pts.). From heyish to sweet to fruity to chocolaty. From undrinkable to highly desirable. If you agree that coffee is a science and passion, look out for the alligator logo, when turning left onto Müllerstrasse.

Müllerstraße 23, Glockenbachviertel,
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If you you’re into chocolates, cakes, sweets and candy of every kind, this is the place for your daily dose of sugar. In case you forgot your toothbrush, feel free to ask our front desk for help …

Jahnstraße 30, Glockenbachviertel,
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You have not really witnessed the Glockenbach district, if you haven’t paid Aroma Cafe a visit. This place is probably the quarter’s ultimate meeting point, especially for breakfast – as Aroma serves superb coffee and homemade bread. Delicious, friendly and iconic.

Pestalozzistraße 24, Glockenbach,
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If you’re looking for cool spot near Stachus for a snack, lunch, or coffee – look no further. Marc and Hubi run this place and they’re better connected than Telekom, so you might run into some interesting guests. They play tunes after 9pm on weekends too!

Sonnenstraße 17, Altstadt,
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Ballabeni in the museum-district is a phenomenon. At Munich’s most notable ice cream parlor, people will gladly stand in line for the duration of an average TV sitcom, just to get their tongues on one of Ballabeni’s many innovative flavors. We suggest you take a number and get in line to find out what all the fuss is about. Or head deeper into Schwabing, where Bartu serves Munich’s only 100 % organic ice-cream. If all this organic stuff is way too fancy for you, visit Al Teatro (in walking distance from the hotel) for a good old fashioned goblet of spaghetti ice cream …

Ballabeni, Theresienstraße 48, Maxvorstadt,
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Bartu, Wilhelmstraße 23, Schwabing,
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Al Teatro, Glockenbach, Reichenbachstraße 11
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Berni and his staff serve legendary Belgian french fries along with your choice of 20 (!) different sauces and a divine Currywurst (organic, of course), that would impress even the most critical of Berliners.

Amalienstraße 46, Maxvorstadt,
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Fraunhoferstraße 32
80469 Munich, Germany
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