Beautiful barber shop located right down the street. Need a hair cut, want a professional shave or treatments of various kinds? This top-shelf barbier should do the trick. If you are a male that is.

Fraunhoferstraße 20, Glockenbachviertel,
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Waldfeste are summer festivities in the Bavarian woods, often located lake-side, like at the beautiful Tegernsee, for example. For Munich’s ”Schickeria”, these beer fests are ideal opportunities for showing off new sports cars. For tourists, these occasions are a great chance for witnessing a picture perfect example of Bavaria’s idyll.
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And visit the Fischerei Tegernsee for a taste of the local fish, if you’re in the area!

Seestraße 42, Tegernsee,

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Obacht! Study our short alphabetical index of local vocabulary to facilitate your stay …

Pardon my Bavarian


This friendly hub in Schwabing offers a variety of artistic workshops and walk-in projects for kids of various ages!

Siegesstraße 23, Schwabing,
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OK, so this is kind of spooky. But also quite interesting. The King of Pop was a frequent visitor to Munich and used to stay at the Hotel Bayrischer Hof, in front of which Jacko’s passionate fans have adorned an unofficial memorial with flowers, poems and all types of memorabilia. This makeshift place of pilgrimage has been a controversial topic in Munich for a while, maybe because it was actually meant to honor Renaissance composer Orlando di Lasso.

Promenadeplatz, Altstadt
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Love it or hate it. The Oktoberfest is what it is, either way. Every beer tent comes with a cliché, some of which are true: Schottenhammel (young), Käfer (V.I.P.), Hacker-Pschorr & Löwenbräu (traditional), Fischer Vroni (gay), Weinzelt (antiquated), Augustiner (#1 beer) … Our preferred watering hole is the Schützenzelt. More specifically, its balcony, where the sun sets with a splendid view of Munich’s landmark, the Bavaria. Käfer is right across, which is practical, as that’s the only spot which stays open after 11pm (thru 1am). If you’re visiting with children, the Oide Wiesn is the place to be, as it’s a little bit calmer. By the way, locals call the Oktoberfest “Wiesn” (which is short for “Theresien­wiese” – and Bavarian for “lawn”) because King Ludwig first hosted royal horse races in honor of Princess Therese on this turf back in 1810. Yearly beer festivities have an even longer tradition in Bavaria, because it was customary to drink up the stocked amber nectar before the start of a new brewing season.

Theresienwiese, Westend,
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If you’re here in spring, there is no way around a visit to the yearly flea market on the Oktoberfest grounds named Theresienwiese. Everyone else will be there too …

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If you’re staying at the Flushing Meadows Hotel and feel like a late-late-night snack, beer or smoke, consider yourself lucky! As the Reichenbach Kiosk is just a stone’s throw away. This 24-hour kiosk is your only shot at a quick fix, if you happen to have after-hour cravings.

Fraunhoferstraße 46, Glockenbach,
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Sascha Arnold & Steffen Werner


Arnold / Werner stands for a holistic view of architecture and interior design that is always thought through down to the last detail without losing sight of the big picture. Arnold / Werner strives for harmony, combines function with design and interprets context, environment and individual preferences anew each time. The work process includes the development and exact detailing of the projects – from the building envelope to the interiors. The focus is on the economical use of resources, the use of domestic materials and energy- and cost-efficient solutions.

Aylin Langreuter & Christophe de la Fontaine

Designers (Dante Goods and Bads)

“In our Flushing Meadows Hotel room (which we call ‚Fumoir’), Dante Goods and Bads presents its Admit One Gentleman Collection, our homage to the myth and legend of “the gentleman”. His impeccable manners, his timeless elegance but also the decadence of his vices: all will be reflected by the nature of the objects, their material and manufacturing. Shining copper, smoked glass, sturdy leather – a material longing for a long-lost era.”

Oscar Wilde: “Do you mind if I smoke?”
Sarah Bernhardt: “I don‘t care if you burn.”

“The artist’s view does not have to make sense. At least not the sort of sense that can be easily expressed in words. There is no underlying conception or thematic arrangement. But to me, the selection is utterly plausible.”

Konrad Dengler


“If you’re wondering about the photographs in my room … I took them in Munich’s Olympic Village (where I grew up) a while back. These bungalows were personalized and painted by the students, who lived in them. Before they were torn down and refurbished, I documented them all, hundreds of them. Just because. The room features some of my favorites.”

Marc Streitenfeld


Helmut Geier

DJ HELL (Gigolo Rec.)

“I am quite proud of the ‘Hell’s Angels’. The installation consists of three life-size medical skeletons, which I painted and formed into a band that is jamming on a small balcony over the room’s bed. There is also a stroboscope, which can be turned on or off, depending on your mood.”

For the project I thought about every hotel room I had ever spent a night, half a night, or even whole days in. From the god-forsaken, best-western style gaff in Paris that had fag ends behind the bed, to the Soho Grand NYC, where pretty memorable post-gig parties were had. Generally, from the moment you walk through a hotel door, you are faced with a generic, universal model, bed, bed-side lamp, TV … This is followed by a slight feeling of alienation as you are not at home, or usually really tired from work or play.

Cathal McAteer

Founder / Creative Director (Folk)

For Flushing Meadows I wanted to use different textures and colours to create a sense of the room being personally crafted, to make it feel less ‘hotelly’. All the other little details, such as the lights, their shape, the side-table carved out of different types of marble, the bed made from Bavarian wood, will hopefully be additional delights. I hope the guests ‘schlafen gut’. Especially under that Folk quilt. Consider it a dream catcher.”

“The artist’s view does not have to make sense. At least not the sort of sense that can be easily expressed in words. There is no underlying conception or thematic arrangement. But to me, the selection is utterly plausible.”

Albert Oehlen

Artist, Gais/Switzerland

Quirin Rohleder

Eisbach Surfer, Munich

“Now that’s what I call an illustrious circle – thanks for having me!
In my opinion, the Eisbach has become a bona fide tourist attraction in Munich. Which is why I wanted my room to pay tribute to our unique city-surfing culture. I hope you enjoy the hammock – and have a great stay in Munich!

Michi Beck

Musician, Stuttgart/Berlin

“The next best thing to actually being in Tokyo, is staying in my Japanese studio at The Flushing Meadows!”

Charles Schumann

Bartender, Munich

Süddeutsche Zeitung about Birgit Minichmayr:
Minutes before the shoot Birgit Minichmayr went overboard. While entering the cafeteria of Wiener Burgtheater and sipping on the sparkling wine she brought along, the waiter let her know that she’s not allowed to bring her own drinks. Minichmayr yelled: “Up yours!” Downs her glass in one sip, walks up to the waiter and hugs him like a close friend. Artists! According to Klaus Maria Brandauer “the most outstanding of her generation”.

SZ Magazin, Issue 22/2009

Birgit Minichmayr

Actress, Vienna

Norbert Wangen

Designer, Vienna

“T h i s r o o m i s f o r e v e r y o n e , w h o l i k e s i n t i m a t e h o t e l s – for guests that just want to feel at home.”