Munich’s industrial market in Sendling is home to many down-to-earth and hidden restaurants including fish, Greek and Italian spots. Our favorite is probably Friulana, which serves rustic Italian dishes, no frills attached.
For a taste of Munich’s premier Weißwurst breakfast, visit Gaststätte Großmarkthalle.  But remember, tradition dictates that one must finish this specific meal before 12 pm!

Kochelseestraße 13, Ludwigsvorstadt, gaststä
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Zenettistraße 43, Ludwigsvorstadt,
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Short Notice

Dear Guests! Please consider the updated Corona-Regulations on your own responsibility. Our Bar-Reception is is located on the 4th floor and open daily from 8am thru 10pm. Please not that office hours are likey to vary depending on daily measures – but we are always available by phone +49 89 552 791 727. You can also reach us by email

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