Love it or hate it. The Oktoberfest is what it is, either way. Every beer tent comes with a cliché, some of which are true: Schottenhammel (young), Käfer (V.I.P.), Hacker-Pschorr & Löwenbräu (traditional), Fischer Vroni (gay), Weinzelt (antiquated), Augustiner (#1 beer) … Our preferred watering hole is the Schützenzelt. More specifically, its balcony, where the sun sets with a splendid view of Munich’s landmark, the Bavaria. Käfer is right across, which is practical, as that’s the only spot which stays open after 11pm (thru 1am). If you’re visiting with children, the Oide Wiesn is the place to be, as it’s a little bit calmer. By the way, locals call the Oktoberfest “Wiesn” (which is short for “Theresien­wiese” – and Bavarian for “lawn”) because King Ludwig first hosted royal horse races in honor of Princess Therese on this turf back in 1810. Yearly beer festivities have an even longer tradition in Bavaria, because it was customary to drink up the stocked amber nectar before the start of a new brewing season.

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