Our friends at Stilrad know that bicycles are a matter of style. That’s why their bikes are created for aficionados – not for pro racers with a lycra fetish. Their shop adjacent to Promenadeplatz boasts loads of variations, including endless options for customization in regard to leather furnishing, colors and gears. Free Stilrad rental at our front desk, subject to availability. Try one!

Pacellistraße 5, Altstadt,
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Join the local old-schoolers at Hofgarten behind Schumann’s for a relaxed (or hotly debated) game of boule …

Hofgarten, Altstadt
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It’s basically impossible to get football tickets for the Allianz Arena without the right connections or a lot of good fortune. But you can watch the record champions practice up close and personal at Säbenerstraße during the season. It’s a media-circus and all, but you haven’t been to Munich, if you haven’t seen them getting ready for yet another title.

Säbenerstraße 57, Harlaching,
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By far our favorite spot for pick-up basketball is the tiny court in front of legendary Pinakotheken, on the corner of Barerstraße and Theresienstraße, where games of “3on3” tend to get rowdy at times. Games go till 11 and there’s count double. Make sure to bring your A-game! If you feel like visiting a professional game, the Audi Dome is your best – and only – bet. FC Bayern’s first league basketball team not quite as dominant as the fellow football department – but that’s it’s only a matter of time.

3on3, Maxvorstadt
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Audi Dome, Grasweg 74, Sendling,
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Join the locals for an after-work pick-up game in the Englischer Garten’s holy (but tricky) lawn. This may just be the city’s most democratic get-together, featuring students, tourists, blue-collar workers, hipsters and hedonists from all walks of life. Enter the Englischer Garten at Thieme­straße and Königinstraße, then head ahead slightly to your left.

Englischer Garten, Schwabing
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The Jivamukti Clan has an internationally renowned yoga center right around the corner. Check their time-table for a bunch of classes including “basic”, “open”, “spiritual warrior”, “music / rhythm” and even “kids” as well as regular sessions with high-profile teachers from out of town.

Buttermelcherstraße 15, Glockenbach,
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The famous Isar-Trail offers quality mountain-biking in the city and starts just south of the Glockenbach district, near Hellabrunn Zoo on the Isar river’s East banks. If you like it more casual make your way along the river into the Englischer Garten, where the northern part has some especially scenic routes in store. Have you seen our Di Blasi bikes? Yeah ok, so they look a little weird. But these bikes (originally constructed to fit on the back of yachts for easy get-around the harbour) are so practical to navigate urban spaces that you’ll want to adopt them. Ask our front desk for free rentals pending availability.

Follow the bike trail (southern direction) next to the Isar river at Hellabrunn Zoo, Tierparkstraße 30.



In Munich, the Eisbach and it’s river surfers are about as iconic as a cold glass of Weißbier under an old chestnut tree. But surfing this urban landmark is tricky, if you haven’t done it before. International pros regularly catch the shorter end of the stick when competing with the Eisbach’s locals, who are sometimes known to rudely defend their wave, if the spot gets too crowded. Quirin Rohleder, who partnered with us in creating one of the hotel’s rooms on the third floor, is the Eisbach’s inofficial kingpin. Make sure to watch the documentary “Keep Surfing” in which Quirin plays a leading part to learn more about Munich’s obsession with the notorious Eisbach wave, which (as you can imagine) was named after the river’s freezing cold temperature. And yes, they surf all-year round.

Prinzregentenstraße just east of Haus der Kunst, Keep Surfing Video
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Loads of options here. Müller’sches Volksbad, just across from Deutsches Museum, is widely regarded as Munich’s most beautiful and historic pool. Spacious Schyrenbad is just a short walk from the hotel and offers outdoor swimming between May and September. Dante Bad was an Olympic training pool in 1972 – we love to hang out on its stone steps above the 50 meter pool. Prinzregentenbad is another, smaller outdoor option, which doubles as an ice skating rink in winter. Beware, city pools can get really crowded on sunny weekends. That’s why we suggest the wild Isar river banks just minutes from the hotel. Sure, the water is freezing cold, but isn’t that ideal when the thermometer hits 25+ degrees?



Nick Trachte’s gritty Boxwerk gym is a throbbing testament to his deep passion for boxing culture. Open daily except Sundays – check online for open classes, private lessons and workouts.

Schwindstraße 5, Maxvorstadt,
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