In April 2017 our buddies Tith & Maxi opened this beauty of a streetwear shop for kids (ca. 3 – 12 years). They carry brands such as Champion, Fred Perry, Vans, Thrasher, Converse, Stüssy, Herschell, Schott, Superga and the local favorite BRRRP! Located in Maxvorstadt, right next to the stellar menswear shop “Harvest”. Fun fact: once a year, these shops transform idyllic Zieblandstraße into a bangin’ street festival. Must go!

Zieblandstraße 2, Maivorstadt, whatapetit.com
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Dear Guests! Please consider the updated Corona-Regulations on your own responsibility. Our Bar-Reception is located on the 4th floor. Please note that office hours are likely to vary depending on daily measures – but we are always available by phone +49 89 552 791 727You can also reach us by email hello@flushingmeadowshotel.com.

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