Cantine Cantona

Our latest venture is a farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of the university district. Cantine Cantona serves regional and seasonal organic dishes and drinks. Chef Toni Fröschl is looking forward to treat you to a healthy canteen lunch or divine dinner thru his open kitchen. Check the website for daily menus!

Schellingstraße 27, Maxvorstadt,



Located on the hotel’s 4th floor, Flushing Meadows Bar is a creative meeting point for guests and locals alike. Enjoy a stunning terrace-view, classic bar tunes and selected cocktail variations served by bartender Manu Pinciroli and his crew. Cheers!

Fraunhoferstraße 32, Glockenbach,



For superb Vietnamese food at fair prices, we suggest Charlie in Munich’s blue-collar district Untergiesing, just right across the Isar river. Or Koriander in Schwabing for a quick snack – as well as their second establishment Koriander Too, which is probably better suited for a sit-down dinner. If you’re at Charlie on a saturday, make sure to visit their downstairs club too, as they only open once a week!

Schyrenstraße 8, Au,
Einsteinstraße 113, Haidhausen,


Super Danke!

Our „organic liquids“ spot on Türkenstrasse in Maxvorstadt opened earlier this year, and quickly became the talk of the town thanks to a variety of sublime green smoothies and cold-pressed juices. We are working on a second Superdanke! destination on the hotel‘s ground floor, which may or may not have already opened it‘s gates by the time you read this. Remember: a green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away. Your body (and taste-buds) will super-thank you…

Türkenstraße 66, Maxvorstadt,


Greasier than John Travolta’s quiff. Original American Diner feat. classics such as lobster chowder, pastrami sandwich, spaghetti meat­balls, BBQ chicken wings, Mac’n’Cheese, pancakes, beer in pitchers and more. Also check out Ben’s other place, ”Sehnsucht” across the street – where bartenders will talk female guests to into leaving their bra’s behind to upgrade the bar’s interior decoration.

Amalienstraße 23, Maxvorstadt,



You’ll have read all about Munich’s vast array of top-notch museums in your other guides. So we’ll just tell you this: make sure not to miss the monstrous yearly student exhibition aptly named “Jahresausstellung” at historic Kunst Akademie, which is open to all for two weeks every year in July. Also, you should know that The Flushing Meadows Hotel is located just minutes from the world-famous (and monstrously gigantic) Deutsches Museum.,

Pardon my Bavarian

Obacht! Study our short alphabetical index of local vocabulary to facilitate your stay …

Pardon my Bavarian


International DJs visiting Munch swear this place serves the best Wiener Schnitzel north of Vienna. Other than that, Königsquelle offers a beautiful classic interior and a cozy outside terrace – as well as a handwritten menu that happens to be quite hard to read. Another reason why we tend to stick to the Schnitzel.

Baaderplatz 2, Glockenbach,



Our friend Andrea serves a delicious breakfast as well as homemade cakes and snacks at her place, which is reminiscent of grandma’s living room – and partly named after her hyperactive dog, Floyd.

Ickstattstraße 2, Glockenbach,



Classy place for top-notch cocktails and an exquisite selection of late-night foods, hidden in a small alley right in Munich’s bustling city center.

Hartmannstraße 8, Altstadt,


Bar Dell’ Osteria & Osteria

Munich is full of italian restaurants. This one is especially good. Officially called “Bar Dell’ Osteria”, we know this spot only as “Jimmy’s”, after the place’s one-of-a-kind owner. We regularly take out-of-town DJ’s here for a late supper on weekends, before they go on to play their gigs at Bob Beaman. Make sure to get an outside table if the weather permits. For more superb italian cuisine and classy service, visit Osteria next door to Jimmy’s. If you see a yellow Lamborghini parked outside in a stopping restriction, FC Bayern star Franck Ribéry is sure to be sitting inside having dinner with his crew.

Schellingstraße 60, Maxvorstadt,
Schellingstraße 62, Maxvorstadt,



This is what happens when a Vietnamese lady and a Bavarian dude get together and start a restaurant … .Luu and Nico serve Asian-Bavarian delicatessen, like Dim Sun feat. Schweinebraten for example. Fei Sho (which means something along the lines of “better believe it” or “that’s right”) is an unpretentious place with “down-to-earth” seating arrangements and a charming staff.

Kolosseumstraße 6, Glockenbach,



This guy serves the best hot-dogs in town …

Müllerstraße 17, Glockenbach
Rosenheimer Straße 67, Haidhausen



We just recently opened this spot on Munich‘s famous Residenzstrasse. Located between the opera, Odeonsplatz and the city‘s most brow-raising shopping streets, Stereo Cafe is the perfect place to catch a breather, while overlooking Residenzstrasse via the grand studio-window. Or head out back thru the open kitchen onto our sunny first floor terrace. We serve daily lunch specials, coffee & homemade cakes as well a wide selection of aperitifs and liquors. Also, make sure to check out the fine selection of gentswear (including apparel, footwear, accessories and grooming products) on the location‘s ground-floor shop, Stereo Muc. On your way out, make sure you steer left and across the street to pet the two bronze lion statues on their nose – for good luck!

Residenzstraße 25, Altstadt,



Conveniently situated not far from “Harvest” and “A Kind of Guise” in the Maxvorstadt district, the newly established Waldmeisterei is a remix of a traditional Munich artist-hangout. The friendly staff serves homemade daily lunch specials as well as a great “Gorilla” Cappuccino.

Barerstraße 74, Maxvorstadt



This friendly hub in Schwabing offers a variety of artistic workshops and walk-in projects for kids of various ages!

Siegesstraße 23, Schwabing,



We recommend Optimal and Public Possession, both located in close proximity to The Flushing Meadows Hotel. Optimal is a little bigger and has been around for ages. Public Possession, which is run by local DJs Marvin & Valentino – is right next to Robinson’s SHRN skate shop – and around the corner from Bar Rafaeli, where you can visit our
buddy Ante for coffee and trash-talk.

Kolosseumstraße 6, Glockenbach,
Klenzestraße 16, Glockenbach,
Buttermelcherstraße 6, Glockenbach,



It’s all in the name. Bring your credit card!

Kardinal Faulhaber Straße 14A, Altstadt,



Distored People is Bastian Schweinsteiger’s brand of choice these days. DP design printed basics straight outta Munich, and have garnered a considerable following with their iconic ”Butcher & Barber” logo, since opening their shop, which is also situated in Glockenbach. But if you ask us, the real story here is the internet fame of one of the guys behind the local label. Check “Sami Distorted” on facebook to find out more…

Hans-Sachs-Straße 3, Glockenbach,



The place’s co-owner Dimi is the coolest cat you’ll ever meet. He’s on the short side but his wide grin makes up for his lack in height. His homely spot Nudo serves really good homemade dishes and is a great place to start the evening.

Amalienstraße 53, Maxvorstadt,


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